The Adult’s University Hospital is a dependency of the Puerto Rico Department of Health since 1960. It is one of the principal hospital institutions in Puerto Rico serving primarily its adult population and is localized in the premises of the Puerto Rico Medical Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The hospital serves as a referral center to the entire Island of Puerto Rico for complicated and complex cases, and provides secondary and up to supratertiary care to its patient population. The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission since the 1960’s.

The hospital has a license for 390 beds which are certified by Medicare and/or Medicaid. The beds (currently only 269 are available –includes Nursery and Labor Room beds) are distributed in the following clinical units: Internal Medicine: 64; Bone marrow Transplant: 5; Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit: 10; Oncology: 14; Surgery: 30; Orthopedics: 37; General Medical-Surgical Unit: 12; Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit: 12; Neuro Surgical Intermediate Unit: 16; Obstetrics and Gynecology: 33; Nursery; 33 (bassinettes) andLabor Room: 16.

The hospital admits an average of 10,500 admissions a year; has occupancy of 84% and an average length of stay of 7 days. Approximately 58% of its admitted patients are government insured or insured by other government institution. The Adult’s University Hospital has a strict rule of non-discrimination for any reason. About 30% of its admissions are to the obstetric service, 24% to the orthopedic service and 19% to the internal medicine service.

Among its clinical services are: obstetrics and gynecology; internal medicine (endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology, hematology and oncology, pneumology, rheumatology, neurology, geriatrics, infectology, immunology and cardiology); general surgery; otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery; neurosurgery; orthopedic surgery; physical, rehabilitation and sports medicine; dermatology; oral and maxillofacial surgery and pediatrics for the well baby nursery. The hospital has special care units such as: dialysis center; autologous bone marrow transplant unit; high risk prenatal clinics; enterostomal and skin care service; ambulatory chemotherapy; physical and vocational therapy; endoscopy unit for gastroenterology; endoscopy unit for pneumology and non-invasive cardiology unit.

It has an outstanding and dedicated closed faculty (333 including 20 in dental medicine). All of these faculty members have academic rank at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine or at the Dental Medicine School.

The faculty as well as its health care team staff is well trained and has the qualifications and capacity to take good care of complicated patients. The hospital ( either by itself or as part of the centralized services obtained through the Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration (ASEM in Spanish), provides ancillary health services such as: Social Work, Radiological Services, Pathology and Laboratory Services, Respiratory Care, Hyperbaric Medicine and Pharmacy, among others. Within its premises has a clinical laboratory service for basic hospital needs.

The Adult’s University Hospital is affiliated to the Medical Science Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, and many students from different disciplines in the health sciences rotate through its premises. The hospital has an outstanding trajectory educating students, many of which have attained recognition nationally and internationally.

The Adult’s University Hospital has served for the past 50 years as the main clinical teaching institution to the University of Puerto Rico medical students and the University of Puerto Rico Graduate Medical Education Program. Of its 39 programs (largest in Puerto Rico), 25 of them are based in this hospital (many of the other programs also rotate residents for certain clinical rotations through the hospital). These programs are accredited by the corresponding ACGME Residency Committees.

The Adult’s University Hospital has a commitment to serve well its main objectives of: service, teaching and investigation with a devoted and excellent: faculty, house staff, ancillary clinical service staff and administrative staff; all of them with a mission and primary goal to give services of excellence and quality to the lower cost possible in a dignified way to its patients’ population.