alumni_socMessage from the President

Dear Fellow Alumni:

Recently Dr. Melvin Bonilla, our new Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, requested some of the faculty members to elaborate a strategic plan for the future development of the department. As part of this plan, the need for an alumni association was identified, and so we gladly took on the task of establishing one. Thankfully, years ago, past faculty members such as Dr. Haydé Garcίa and Dr. Oscar Rodrίguez, had already paved the way for us by creating “La Sociedad de Egresados de Pediatrίa” which for a long time successfully fulfilled all its expectations. As part of the reorganization, we had to choose a new name for such an association. The search for this new name included an opinion poll and a debate which finally culminated in June of 2010 when the Pediatric Alumni Society was registered in the Department of State.

Since then we have held several academic activities and are currently planning several more as part of our interest in furthering medical science knowledge. Also, as a result of these events, we have activated new members and re-established old friendships.

I sincerely wish that PAS will help bring together all the graduates from the residency training program and the different subspecialties, and that it will represent our collective interest in assuring the health and welfare of the children in our community.
Hope to see you soon!

Alicia Fernández Seίn, MD
Professor and Critical Care Section Chair
Department of Pediatrics
University of Puerto Rico
University Pediatric Hospital