Educational Offerings

Academic Program Description

Our academic program is a competency based educational curriculum that was designed according to the ACGME’s six core competencies and sub-competencies. The curriculum content design is based primarily on the recommendations from the ACGME, Pediatrics Ambulatory Association, American Academy of Pediatrics Curriculum: the PREP The Curriculum Content Specifications and PREP Study Guide and from the objectives of the American Board of Pediatrics. This goes hand in hand with the individual learning plan developed by each resident.

Didactic activities are designed to teach residents some of the topics that they will be expected to demonstrate as part of the knowledge component of the competencies and objectives. Residents will also be exposed to other experiences such as direct teaching by faculty, daily work, role-modeling and self study as a means to acquiring all expected competencies. Residents will be provided with enough guidance and support so that they are exposed to all areas of the curriculum and they will be expected to demonstrate all the competencies and objectives irrespective of the learning experiences provided.

Academic Activities and Educational Methodology Description

  • Morning Report
  • Journal Club
  • Core Lecture Series
  • Acute Care Management Series
  • Research Conferences
  • Professionalism Workshops
  • Quality Improvement Curriculum
  • Research Conferences
  • Practice Management Series
  • Quality Improvement Workshop Series
  • Procedures Workshops
  • Advocacy Training
  • Multidisciplinary Grand Rounds
  • Morbidity & Mortality
  • Board Review Series