Dra VizcarrondoGeneral Pediatrics Section

Section Chair:

Mayra Y. Vizcarrondo, MD, FAAP
Associate Professor
Office 1-A-29
University Pediatric Hospital
San Juan, PR.  00936
Email:  mayra.vizcarrondo@upr.edu
Tel: 787-756-4010


The General Pediatrics Section of the Department of Pediatrics, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine encompasses all areas of academic general pediatrics. It is the largest division in the department with members actively involved in clinical care, teaching, advocacy, community work, administration and research.

The General Pediatrics Section is committed to:

  • providing comprehensive and high quality patient health care;
  • forming caring and compassionate future physicians and pediatricians;
  • pursuing excellence in academics and research;
  • advocate and speak up for the rights of children and their families;
  • and to be role models of  honesty, integrity, discipline and professional commitment

As stated above, Section faculty is actively involved in clinical care, research, community work and teaching.

Clinical Program

Section members provide high quality inpatient care at the University Pediatric Hospital, the University of Puerto Rico Hospital at Carolina, and the University District Hospital..They are responsible for the General Pediatric Wards and the Emergency Room at the University Pediatric Hospital, the Nursery Full Term Unit at the University District Hospital, and the General Pediatrics Ward at the University of Puerto Rico Hospital at Carolina.

Research Program

Faculty participates in research in diverse areas with main projects related to HIV/AIDS, Dengue Vaccine, Medical Education, Clinical Skills, Emergency Medicine, Community, Breast Feeding, and Child Abuse and Neglect.

Community Program

Section members actively participate in diverse community activities and initiatives including being members of community boards, working  with non-for profit organizations such as  Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico affiliated to United Way, the  Head Start Program, the Ronald McDonald Foundation, collaborating with governmental community initiatives; and offering direct services as with the EMSC Program.  Faculty also provides consultation and direct patient care at different community activities, health fairs and in school clinics.  They serve as role models for medical students and residents on how to get involved in community activities in these settings.

Teaching Program

Section faculty is involved with teaching to a great extent. They actively participate in the teaching of medical students, residents and fellows of the University Of Puerto Rico School Of Medicine and from other schools within the Medical Sciences Campus and other institutions.  The participation of our members include: course coordination in all the four years of medical studies; active participation in the School of Medicine academic leadership and administration; and participants and consultants to the academic programs of Dental Medicine, Odontopediatrics, Nurse Practitioners, and Midwifery. Section faculty is also involved in teaching peers, other faculty members and the community through CME activities and faculty development activities. The Section Faculty members participate as well in the General Pediatrics Residency Training Program.


List of faculty members, contact information and other areas of interest of the General Pediatric Section members.
University Pediatric Hospital
Faculty Name Email Telephone Areas of Interest
Mayra Vizcarrondo, MD

Division Chair



787-756-4010 Emergency Medical Care for Children
Belinda Beauchamp, MD belinda.beauchamp@upr.edu 787-756-4010


Medical Education, HIV/AIDS Research
Nydia Bonet, MD nydia.bonet@upr.edu 787-756-4010 Medical Education, Emergency Medical Services for Children
Clemente Díaz, MD clemente.diaz@upr.edu 787-381-6246 Clinical and Translational Research, HIV/AIDS research
Irma Febo, MD irma.febo2@upr.edu 787-759-9595 HIV/AIDS and Vaccine Research
Licette Flores, MD licette.flores@upr.edu 787-759-9595


Primary Care, Community
Gladys González, MD gladys.gonzalez6@upr.edu 787-777-3201 Medical Students, Academic administration
Jahzel González, MD
María N. González, MD maria.gonzalez42@upr.edu 787-777-3201 Developmental Pediatrics & Pediatric Practice
Lisette  Lugo, MD lisette.lugo@upr.edu 787-759-9595


Medical Education

Primary Care

Julia Malavet, MD julia.malavet@upr.edu 787-777-3201 Genetics

Primary Care

Luis Martí, MD luis.marti5@upr.edu


787-753-6390 Developmental Pediatrics
Milagros Martin, MD milagros.martin8@upr.edu 787-474-0333

Ext 7197,7198

Emergency Medical Services for Children
Idith Ortiz, MD idith.ortiz@upr.edu 787-474-0333

Ext 7222,7383

Research, Hemophilia
Nerián Ortiz, MD nerian.ortiz@upr.edu 787-758-2525

Ext. 1810

Clinical Skills, Medical Education,


Elizabeth Pagán, MD elizabeth.pagan1@upr.edu 787-777-3201 Children with Special Health Care Needs
Yasmin Pedrogo, MD yasmin.pedrogo@upr.edu 787-6529 GME, Medical Education, Preventive Pediatrics
Maria C. Quintero, MD maria.quintero3@upr.edu 787-754-0101

Ext. 3630

Neonatal care
Myrna Quiñones, MD myrna.quinones@upr.edu 787-474-0333

Ext. 7108




Children with Special Health Care Needs

Débora Silva, MD




787-777-3201 Emergency Medical Services for Children
University of Puerto Rico Hospital at Carolina debora.silva@upr.edu 787-758-2525

Ext. 1850

Medical Education, Emergency Medical Services for Children
Annie Guiven,M.D.   annie.guiven@upr.edu 787-757-1800

Ext. 566

Neonatal Care
Edith Calderón edith.calderon@upr.edu 787-757-1800

Ext. 566

Medical Education, Primary Care
Jeanette Lube, MD jeannette.lube@upr.edu 787-757-1800

Ext. 566

Medical Education, Primary Care
Glenda Martínez, MD glenda.martinez@upr.edu 787-757-1800

Ext. 566

Neonatal Care
Juanita Negrón, MD juanita.negron1@upr.edu 787-757-1800

Ext. 566

Neonatal Care
Ileana Rivera, MD


ileana.rivera9@upr.edu 787-757-1800


Primary Care, Community Pediatrics

Dra VizcarrondoGeneral Pediatric Section Clinical Services

Mayra Y. Vizcarrondo, MD, FAAP
Section Chair
Associate Professor
Tel – 787-756-4010



Clinical services provided by the General Pediatrics Section Faculty include inpatient and outpatient settings in multiple clinical sites, such as: University Pediatric Hospital, UPR Hospital at Carolina (Dr. Federico Trilla), and University District Hospital.

Inpatient Services

The University Pediatric Hospital (UPH) is a tertiary care center which provides the setting for three General Pediatric Wards with a total capacity of 50 patients and for the new state of the art Emergency Room.  It is also the primary site of the General Pediatrics Residency Program. Faculty members serve as attending physicians in the General Pediatric Wards and in the Emergency Room. They also act as consulting physicians for patients hospitalized in the Surgery Ward. Patients’ conditions range from general pediatrics primary care problems to patients with complex diagnostic diseases who need specialized care and subspecialty consults.

The University District Hospital (UDH) serves as the General Pediatric Section site for education and service at the Nursery Unit. The unit is located on the second floor of the University District Hospital (UDH) at the Puerto Rico Medical Center right across the University Pediatric Hospital. The unit admits newborn babies born at UDH that need standard newborn care and also those which need low level care. Section Faculty serve as teaching faculty and clinical service physicians for well babies and hospitalized babies providing direct teaching to medical students and residents.

Our Faculty members based in the University of Puerto Rico Hospital at Carolina provide direct patient care to pediatric patients with secondary conditions in the General Pediatric Ward.  They also serve as consultants in the Emergency Room and as teaching faculty to medical students and residents.

In summary, our General Pediatric physicians are hospitalists with vast experience in the field and provide high quality clinical care with a great sense of advocacy, empathy, dedication and sensibility.

Contact for patient’s admissions and transfers:

University Pediatric Hospital

Dra. Myrna Quiñones
Medical Director
Telephone: 787- 474-0333 Ext.7108, 7111
email: myrna.quinonez@upr.edu

University District Hospital (Nursery Unit)

Dr. María Quintero
Assistant Professor
Nursery Unit Director
University District Hospital (UDH)
Telephone: (787)754-0101 x3630, 2254, 3319
email: maria.quintero3@upr.edu

University of Puerto Rico Hospital at Carolina

Dra. Ileana Rivera
Associate Professor
Clinical Site Education Coordinator
UPR Hospital at Carolina PR
Telephone: 787-757-1800 Ext 566
email: ileana.rivera9@upr.edu

Physical Address:

Nursery Unit
University District Hospital, 2nd floor
Puerto Rico  Medical Center, San Juan, P.R.

Postal Address:

Department of Pediatrics
UPR Medical Sciences Campus
PO Box 365067
San Juan, PR   00936-5067